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Hey, Ryan Wells here. Another day, another wiki to work on. Not that it bothers me; it's quite enjoyable. I've worked on a couple wikis in the past, though they usually used Mediawiki, which is what Wikipedia uses. That doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing though, of course. If you're having trouble with something, I very strongly recommend simply going to various pages and going into edit mode to take a peek at the coding. There's nothing wrong with "borrowing" coding. In particular, the Wikkawiki Wiki, made for the software this wiki runs on, is a very valuable resource. I can't recommend it enough.


I was born in Sacramento, California. This apparently miraculous event occurred on November 27. 1988, and thus I have so far lived 20 all-too-short years. I lived there in Sacramento for about four years before my mother and father got divorced and my mother married a Minnesota man. Shortly afterward we moved to the arctic wasteland right outside of Baudette.

A Day in the Life

Currently I'm a sophomore in my second semester here at BSU, working toward a BFA in English. Terribly dull, I know, but it's a goal I very much intend to work toward until its completion.

An average day in the life of Ryan Wells consists largely of music, reading, writing, and video games. Writing and music are by far my greatest passions in life, and I'm afraid I've reached the point of "rock music fanatic" by now. There's a pretty good chance you had gotten that vibe already from the headings on this page. I play guitar too, or at least, I attempt to. Give me a few years and we'll start a band. I write as a hobby and a future living (hopefully), and my writing consists mostly of poetry and various attempts at finishing a novel (all abandoned except for one). Obviously, when it's a school day, I'm also going to class, and I can say with moderate confidence that I am paying full attention to the professors' material when doing so.


Blog Links for Feb 19

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Obscure Sound: An indie music blog.

Weblog Project

CynicalRealist: Group page
CynicalRealistRW: Individual parts of weblog project
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