Rhetorical Velocity

We're increasingly posting, publishing, and circulating our compositions in media conducive to composing for recomposition. While the printed word encouraged the illusion of a fixed security, the realities of digital publishing radically undermine any sense of fixity. In a digital context, compositions fluidly emerge from earlier compositions and are recomposed into subsequent compositions. (Sheridan et al 96)

The circulation, re-circulation, and recomposition of rhetorical messages

General Topics

Means by which messages recirculate and facilitate re-composing

Any of these can be looked at more closely to see how they function. More can be added.

Designing for re-circulation

Some forums and media are set up for this. Others make recirculation difficult. Others attempt to regulate and channel re-circulation.


Any of these can be investigated.

Theorizing Twitter

from Sheridan et al pp 80 - 1

intrinsic properties

extrinsic factors

Background: Gather instances of re-circulating

Background: Gather instances of composing for re-circulation

Directions for Rhetorical Investitgaton

I started with some of your questions and re-cast them using the terminology of rhetorical velocity (as outlined in Sheridan and expanded on by us) and rhetorical theory at large. I re-phrased normative questions as open questions that can be investigated. See also questions on p 82, and p 97 of the Sheridan handout. Many of yours are similar in interest.

Cross-forum recirculation

Some topics needing re-working into investigative questions


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