Notes on Rhetorical Elements of Twitter

April 2010


Affordances are those elements that the rhetor can shape for persuasive purposes. Constraints are those elements that the rhetor does not control. 140 characters is a constraint. Screen name is an affordance.

- quick as far as immediacy, short, direct, a thought, a shared picture/link
- can see what source the tweet is from (web, mobile device, etc)
-able to see the time that the tweet was posted as well
-when someone looks at my profile it displays a quick bio, my location and name (if all are disclosed)
-the same is when i look at someone else's account

Class Notes

Rhetor's Home Page: twitter stream

- anyone viewing your homepage can see who you're following


Significant that the means of circulating and tagging messages are not software-dependent but use a character in the message.


For Thursday, 4/8: follow everyone from the class
follow more people, something you have in common with, etc.
get used to the conventions of Twitter

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