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Following some of the tweets by performers is interesting because they try to target a large audience with their tweets. Chelsey H. gave up information for those of us who could not watch the show last night. I love the raw humor from the comedians she has on the round table. Her messages of, if you love me you will re tweet me evokes the recipient to prove their allegiance by obedience. Others like the science institutes I follow want the recipient to be notified of up coming events. The audience is not asked to participate other than to re tweet the info to their followers. The more private sector sends somewhat encrypted messages to their followers. This is sort of like the 'You had to be there' thing of the 70's. Then there are the more general users who just have something to say and want the world to hear, how profound (sic). We all have something to say, we just don't know who to say it to, with twitter it just doesn't matter. Whoever wants to read it, reads it and it is up to that person to do with it as they wish. I noticed that some tweets require me to dig deeper for the answer to what is said by visiting the postings of the tweeter for history. This often will enlighten me to the meaning of the tweet that caught my eye.

Performances For:

Perhaps, the performances for could be targeted to the audiences that are not yet following these people. If you take celebrities for example that are constantly plugging Twitter in their media appearances, talk shows, interviews, etc. they are performing for an audience that is not yet "convinced" or not yet following them. Once we are hooked on their tweets, we then begin to follow. That is when we are now being "messaged to"... no need to perform for us anymore, we already want to follow you.

Another thing to take note of, when a celebrity has a Twitter, it is sometimes a group of writers doing the tweeting for them.
-should be noted, certain celebrities, magazines, tv shows are verified or not. As with other social networking sites, impostors are out there.

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