Ben Swarts
Elements of E-Rhetoric
March 16, 2008

Notes from others:

People liked:
o Search Box addition to main page
o Photo link showing area and community
o Link with things that BSU is doing to support its claims of being “green”
o Addition of a feast of nations picture to Global page
o Moving the Native American picture to the right side of Global page
o Showing of seasons more realistically
o Links and pictures being more realistic to the school
o The reworking of the tabs shows a better representation of the school overall with the community
o The way the links support the pictures
o Lack of text on some tabs put more emphasis on the pictures and links
o More links on the main page and tabs makes gathering information much easier
o Pictures and text accommodate each other better

People didn’t like:
o Image choice made for tabs (I didn’t make one)
o Didn’t understand some of the changes I made
o Didn’t like the red lines (showing links to pictures page)
o Weren’t sure if I was eliminating the “be” statements
o That I kept the landing pages on the bottom
o I had almost no focus on the academics or classroom

My response to these comments:
People got my point in most cases. The idea was to show more of the area and make the page overall more functional. The area is a big part of what makes this school special and desirable to prospective students, so I felt it would be wise to show them more of the scenery and community. I think the main feature that stood out to people was the addition and emphasis of pictures on the site. This worked well for my point, as it was the main part of why I added the pictures.
People commented on the links about BSU actually doing things to help the planet, and helping with the community. I think just a bulleted list of things like, “BSU uses 40% recycled paper in their printers on campus…” “BSU uses recycled toilet paper…” would go a long way to show that there is actually a commitment to conservation on a large scale at the university.
I also wanted to show the various activities that people partake in here. Most of the people that looked at my page did not mention that I included links for fishing and hunting pictures with the other four seasons and community. I think it would be a great idea to have a photo upload area on the website for students to show their accomplishments in the outdoor sportsman category.
There was a small change on the first main page that no one noticed at all. The circle of students that were sitting around was changed to students playing Frisbee; I wanted to put some emphasis on outdoor activity, not just being outdoors. I think this was overlooked because it was a tiny, poorly drawn picture on a large, colorful page. Also, there is a red line going right past, and since humans don’t really pay attention to the vast majority of what they could see, I am sure they eye went right past the Frisbee picture.
Of course all of these viewers expected something to be changed on the page. I was wondering what would have happened I had not intentionally changed anything (you can only do so much with colored pencils). Would people still have found something changed? I think also some of them may have been expecting some of the larger changes I made, because they were problems with the page that seemed to be addressed on a larger scale in class (i.e. the “global” picture and page).

The changes I made to the page contributed to two aspects of the website. The first thing, and most important to the universities recruiting, was the addition of many more pictures to the page. The eye is drawn to pictures, and having more of them will emphasize the beautiful area and community. The second addition I made was making the page slightly more functional for those who need to use it on a daily basis. I did this by adding more links with examples of the universities’ claims on the tabs, and also by moving the search function to the main page.

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