Rebecca Carvell's intro

I'm a junior here at BSU, my major is Creative and Professional Writing. I hope to become an author with that but we'll see what happens. I live on campus currently, I write for the Northern Student and have since freshman year, this semester I will cheer for the football team. I made that decision while I was overseas in Oxford on the Eurospring program. That program was the greatest experience of my life. It taught me so much both in the sense of school and the sense of just knowing myself. There were times where just two of us would be travelling or me alone. Doing that thousands of miles from home puts a whole new level of responsibility into your world.

I'm from Casselton, North Dakota, however, I was originally born in Eugene, Oregon. Bemidji has become more of a home to me in these few years than Casselton ever was. I've made some really good friends while I was here. The next big thing is to figure out where to go after college. At Central Cass I graduated from a graduating class of 70 in total so coming to a school that has roughly the same amount of people per class is pretty great.

My next goal is to fill my passport with stamps from around the world.

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