Re-Working the BSU Web, 2008

For the past few weeks, we've looked at how the BSU web site uses text, links, and images rhetorically: to shape or influence visitors' attitudes, values, and understanding. We've looked at themes, the role of visitors, and the use of appeals and how they are enacted in some web elements. Now it's time to try your hand.


Recast / remake / refurbish three pages of the BSU web site: the home page (which is the main page of the university), and two other pages either linked to the home or that you would like to link to the home page. Rework these pages to influence visitors' attitudes, values, understanding, actions as you see fit.

To make this rhetorically interesting, use the same general layout we've seen on the pages: the three-tabbed banner on the home page, the image and text banner on the landing pages, the headings, text, and links on the landing pages, the large navigational footer on all pages. Change the page titles, images, logos, text, headings, links, wording of links to remake the site.

Include some text on each page - enough text that we can get a sense of how text works in your remake: Is it going to be promotional, newsy, personal, epideictic? Will it be part of an appeal to logos, ethos, pathos?

You can do four pages if you wish.

Use any technique or media you need for this: mock up in page layout software, web design software, colored pencils on paper, paste ups...

Handle the three-tabbed banner any way you can think of. You don't have to put the changes on a different page. It can have more than three tabs, and doesn't have to be a banner, I suppose.



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