My name is Rachel Scales, but I prefer to go by Rae. I hail from just north of the Twin Cities, specifically Anoka and St. Francis, where I grew up. I am a Junior transfer here at Bemidji State and I think I'm gonna like it here. I'm double majoring in the English BA and Creative and Professional Writing BFA and would very much like to go into the publishing industry in some form after graduation.

I am definitely not the most interesting person in the world, but I like to think I am quite friendly, if a bit hard to get to know at first. I very much enjoy a good book or movie, and have one webcomic in particular that I love and will talk your ear off about if given the opportunity. I have a few simple hobbies, but my favorite is cosplay, or simply costume-making in general. I'm not an advanced seamstress, but the challenge of creating something fantastic from a pile of fabric is one that I love to undertake. I also dabble in a bit of writing, but I rarely finish what I start in that area; a terrible habit I hope one day to conquer.


scalesrachel1@gmail.com (alternate email)
https://storify.com/rachelscales Storify Profile

Assignments and Exercises

https://storify.com/rachelscales/style-in-micro-messages-1 Storify - Style in Micro Messages

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