Topic: At Arm’s Length
A look at how we, as individuals, see ourselves through technology, and more specifically, through social media mediums like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Background information on the history of the “selfie” and how young adults perceive themselves through it will also be discussed.

Introduction: I will be investigating the history of the selfie and how teens today perceive themselves through it, including the expected benefits and perceived criticism of and on it. I will also be looking at how our teens and people today view themselves through social media mediums like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. An extended look at specific types of these online interactions will be conducted.

Motivation: My motivation for this project is investigating my own use of the “selfie” and friends of mine and their uses as well. I am also interested in how social media and the use of the selfie is criticized and why authors believe teens post selfies. How exactly do we see ourselves through technology, how do we see our friends, how do we see celebrities and how do others view us?

Purpose Statement: To research and explain how we identify in seeing ourselves through technology.

The Research Problem: Connecting my research in a way that is defined and makes clear, concise sense.

The Literature:
Medium: A 20-30 page Wiki where weekly posts are made with the research I have conducted and my thoughts on it. Pictures, links and interviews will also be included.

Variables to Consider:

Project Outline:

Week 4: Make necessary revisions to draft of proposal.

Week 5: Begin first postings and begin analyzing Rettberg and Turkle.

Week 6: Continue to work with Rettberg and Turkle and post to the Wiki.

Week 7: Begin researching and posting to the wiki about selfies and the history of.

Week 8: Continue working with the history of the selfie.

Week 9: Begin including interviews from friends on their experiences and connecting it to the texts.

Week 10: Continue working with Rettberg and Turkle and other articles listed above.

Week 11: Begin to dissect texts and post upon criticism and support.

Week 12: Continue working with texts and include information focusing on each medium of social media.

Week 13: Work with the various mediums and how they vary and how we could see ourselves differently through each.

Week 14: Begin wrapping up project.

Week 15: End project.
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