Ellen DeGeneres and Twitter

Twitter: @TheEllenShow

"Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they're spectacular."

Tweeting: 5 years -http://twopcharts.com/howlongontwitter?user=TheEllenShow
Following 40,000+
Followers 23,000,000+

"I hold the record for TV Personality with the Most Twitter Followers." (for 2014 Guinness Book of World Records)


-List of ways to "connect" with Ellen on Ellentv.com (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare, Pinterest, Ipad, GetGlue, Tumblr, Instagram)

-Ellen retweets celebrities who are about to be on her show or had just been on the show
-Tweets at her from celebrities about merchandise that she is promoting (New dance CD, book)
-Trends she creates (#WatchMeWatchEllen, #AskEllen),
-"Special stories" (Woman dances in OR before cancer surgery, Ellen retweets video from CNN)

-Lots of jokes (including main trend #classicjokewednesday)
-Ellen's eleventh season of her television show (#e11en)
-Tweets about people who are to be on the show, and then postings of videos/pics etc. after show is over
-Tweets at celebrities on their birthdays
-Tweets about celebrities when something big happens (Cameron Diaz got a twitter, etc.)
-Tweets promoting causes

-Responds to celebrities with quote retweets, and #Ask Ellen tweeters

-Weekly Tweetly Roundup -Ellen Show


Following an actual tweet

"Excited to make fun plans for this weekend. Last weekend, I spent 8 hours organizing my spice rack. Where does the thyme go?"

#ClassicJokeWednesday Example

11 Dec 13
"What do you call a woman walking around in the cold singing? Carol." #ClassicJokeWednesday

Ellen Retweeting

"Make sure to watch @TheEllenShow tomorrow! The whole family is on!!!! @MarioLopezExtra" -Courtney Lopez


On Ellen's Twitter, "Lists" -All pertaining to Ellen's Eleventh Season of her show- #e11en


Intrinsic/Extrinsic Factors

Intrinsic- Keeping factors only pertaining to Twitter and on Ellen's twitter
Extrinsic- Bringing outside sources/content/media to Twitter (Ellen's show pictures, videos, etc.)



Rhetorical velocity of tweets includes Ellen's strategic moves involving decisions to compose for recirculation or recomposition, promote television show, people and celebrities who are to be on it, causes, etc. Ellen must consider the rhetorical velocity of tweeting as is draws attention to how the text may be recomposed and/or redistributed (#ClassicJokeWednesday). Includes her decisions regarding what she should tweet, and how or what it might provide to followers who want to retweet it. (Funny? retweet.) What is going to motivate her followers to recirculate or recompose the tweet, and how much time do they have to make this decision? (Retweeting #ClassicJokeWednesday vs. filling out an entry form to win prizes for Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways). Composing for #ClassicJokeWednesday, general funny tweets, etc. include composing for immediate recirculation/recomposition, #Ellens12Days is designed for immediate recirculation when time is allowed, which enters a recirculation with future velocity for followers, with a time limit (Enter to win this for today, but tomorrow re-enter for these prizes...etc.)

Newest form of recomposition is #Ellens12Days which correlates with her show for "Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways." Intrinsic value includes Ellen's choice to release these tweets in particular format, with links to enter drawings for Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways. Other example includes Ellen retweeting CNN video of cancer patient dancing in OR before surgery. Followers/fans aware of Ellen will most likely open content, watch, and retweet. As the rhetor, Ellen's retweeting of the content may increase the speed, direction and motion of the tweet, i.e. thinking about the rhetorical velocity of retweeting/sharing the content.

Ellen's #ClassicJokeWednesday is composed for recirculation, huge on twitter, shaping for audience. Also segment on her show/promotion for recirculation. Composing creates anticipation that is desired for compositions. This exerts pressure for composition to be funny? For tweets in general to be funny? Ellen's following provided her to be the TV personality with the most followers, this provided due to content. In turn, tweets need to seem legitimate, not like a member of the crew/someone working for Ellen/in general, not Ellen is tweeting. Use of "I" and including Portia in tweets. Delegitimize account as more celebrities usually retweet followers at some point? Maintain following? (Being a celebrity pretty much covers that, though...)Ellen does not, unless it pertains to certain aspects (#WatchMeWatchEllen), or retweeting and responding to celebrities. No collaborators or contributors named, but implied? ("My tweets are real, and they're spectacular.")

Opposite- Weekly Tweetly Roundup on her show -segment involving tweets Ellen has found that she thinks are funny, set of 4 0r 5 that she shares and puts on the big screen as she reads them out loud. Promotion of twitter in general, but provides the tweeters names on show and are listed on her television show webpage, where viewers are encouraged to follow them. Ellen's producing for future recomposition.

Comments on Ellen's tweets by same followers asking for a follow-back, etc., and negative appropriation as feedback not intended by tweeting, composed by the rhetor. Compositions are designed to be sent out as positive appropriations of text/information/media (jokes, ways to win, people on show, praying for causes, etc.).

Ellen's tweeting revolves around kairos, not many are tweeted without the opportune time for something. #Ellens12Days is tweeted for followers to enter to win the prizes that are featured on the episode of that day's show, #ClassicJokeWednesday revolves around a joke being tweeted every Wednesday, tweeting before shows airs to (show is pre-filmed, so tweeting must be arranged around when certain episode is about to air on television), tweeting at celebrities who are to be on show, retweeting of their tweets if they are, responding after show has aired about what happened, tweeting at celebrities on their birthdays.

Kairos leads into the occasion for the discourse, which includes a tweet (discourse) being composed for a discourse (#ClassicJokeWednesday, celebrity birthday, promoting a cause, etc.) Occasion also becomes more specific in #e11en and #Ellens12Days, as they become the reason for the tweets. Ellen tweets for the eleventh season of her show, and all of the media content and pictures pertain as such. #Ellens12Days becomes a reason or event created as she gives away prizes, which makes it much bigger than the regular shows she has during the week, where she does the same.

The exigence becomes evident when Ellen tweets about her show and who is to be on it, what is happening. This is what she wants to inform her followers of, and it is what she wants to discuss. This has also come into play when Ellen tweets about a cause or something that has happened, where she sends out a tweet saying, "Praying for.. etc. This is the event/cause Ellen wants to discuss/promote/make followers take notice of.

The forum becomes Ellen's TV Show, which is what her twitter name is, as it is related to the things that happened/are happening on the show, (@TheEllenShow not @Ellen, or @EllenDegeneres, etc.) where she has celebrities on, plays games, hosts segments, etc. Twitter is made for her show, and utilized for that main purpose, but also contains tweets that are not related to the show. Ellen talks about ways to connect with her, including twitter on show, and is one of the main ways she promotes her show, including how to win during 12 Days of Giveaways, etc. Also including relating show to twitter (Weekly Tweetly Roundup) instead of only twitter to show (sharing info).

Ellen's presuppositions in relation to her tweets can be associate with positive appropriation. Example: "Just want to send my love and support to everyone in Illinois and all over the Midwest who were hit by tornadoes this weekend." -11/18/13 This determines both the speaker and the audience's understanding of the occasion, which makes it clear that the situation calls for mourning and prayers, which will most likely be recirculated or recomposed by Ellen's audience/followers as she isn't self-promoting, which makes it a shared set of presuppositions, or a "meeting of the minds" between the two.


Uses Twitter as a way of providing information pertaining to Ellen Show. Ellen's 12 Days of Christmas is current trend, ways of winning via twitter with links provided that send to Ellen's TV show webpage (www.ellentv.com), for ways of entering. Providing info about who is to be on show, what you can win, what is going on, etc. before show airs is kairotic, in terms of the rhetor (Ellen) making this decision to tweet before show airs in order to inform/attract her audience/promote show, etc.

Majority of Ellen's tweets are arranged specifically for recirculation, primarily targeting fans, etc. Tweets in order to maintain the following she has ("TV Personality with the Most Twitter Followers") Ellen seen as positive, kind, generous person on The Ellen Show, twitter is no different. Ellen recirculates tweets mainly from celebrities/fans who tweet at her about being on the show ("I'm going to be on the Ellen Show tomorrow"-so and so celebrity), as a way of informing tweeters who will be on the show and what is happening, trends she supports (sending pictures to #WatchMeWatchEllen), which she may retweet, and then present on her show.

Recompositions by Ellen are positive appropriations (CNN Video), recirculations are tweets directed at her specifically, tweets directed to trends. Main recompositions and recirculations are used to promote The Ellen Show, and the people that are to be on it.

Ellen's composing for a sense of recomposition is evident in trend, #ClassicJokeWednesday -where Ellen tweets a joke which skyrockets with retweets and favorites. Classic Joke Wednesday is also a weekly segment on The Ellen Show. Trend is composed purely for recirculation, for general likeliness of followers/fans, etc.

Weekly Tweetly Roundup segment on show is a production for future recomposition by Ellen, displaying tweets by random tweeters and providing their twitter names on her website with encouragement to follow.

Slight negative appropriation as certain followers repeatedly comment on Ellen's tweets about asking her to follow them, be on the show, support them by following, etc., in which Ellen's material is used in ways contrary to her, as the rhetor's, original intensions (composing for recirculation, recomposition, informing).

Ethos of Ellen's twitter/tweets helps to portray her as a trustworthy, caring, and funny person. She uses these personality traits to persuade an audience to watch her show and the people on it, while also maintaining a strong following of which consists of 23+ million followers and admirers. She maintains this audience by coming off as an easily likeable person, which shines through from her television show through her writing on twitter, which share these traits.

Ellen's use of the plain style of diction simplifies her familiar language, much similar to that of what she uses on her television show. Ellen's charm comes through, which can be exerted in the plain style if done correctly. It sustains her liveliness, communicates her ethos, and holds the audience's attention. Ellen uses the appropriateness of the kairos to determine the tweet. #ClassicJokeWednesday includes the kariotic time of a joke, which makes the occasion appropriate to her audience as it is expected every Wednesday, and then recirculated and recomposed by her followers. Ellen's tweet about Illinois ("Just want to send my love and support to everyone in Illinois and all over the Midwest who were hit by tornadoes this weekend." -11/18/13) exerts an appropriateness due to the time of the tweet in relation to the event that took place. Tornadoes destroyed Illinois, therefore the appropriateness of a tweet becomes clear as she sends her prayers. A joke about the Illinois tornadoes would be an example of inappropriate tweeting in terms of kairos and the time.


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