Progression Handlist

Longaker, chap 4

Progressive form

One thing leading implied addressee to another. Longaker emphasizes feeling of step by step forward 106.

The problem

Because users encounter units of a web site in an unpredictable but controllable sequence, the classical consideration of sequence

is problematic. It no longer can trust to conventions of reading sequence.

However, rhetors can use affordances of the web and web design - menus, links, images, teasers with links, icons - as well as traditional means - text within pages, especially those that rely on genre conventions such as recipes, autobiography, et al - to organize the user's experience with or encounter with the site in rhetorically effective ways. Longaker, p 123.

Movement through a web site

Typical movement in text is top to bottom, paged sequence. Movement through space - as in a store - is by architecture and addressee's purpose: rhetorical situation. Partially controlled by design: there are only limited directions possible.

On a web site -

Longaker, chap 4 ff

Syllogistic progression

Depends on a progression of reading, which guides the line. Or other means of encountering premises/units in a sequential manner.

Qualitative progression

Depends on associative qualities. Associative is also central to hypertext links. moves from absence to presence

association and metonymy

Associative qualities work by metonymy - parts for wholes being associated, name with object, place with act, etc. Settings invoke moods, which then shape how the subsequent information encountered in that category is going to function. rhetor can establish project - mcm

repetitive form

Involves reiteration with variation. Many rhet figures use rep form. Rhyme. The repetition can progress, suggesting addition, pace, climax. Or repetition might not progress so much as accumulate. Can repeat by dwelling on things. Can repeat across media.

Combined forms

conventional forms

Genres. These set up expectations of structure for audiences concerning register, content, length, conclusions. Etc. violating the structure is possible.

minor forms

Minor forms- figures, chap 5

The Examples

menus -
colors -
buttons - read more + the arrow icon

overall organization of site -
map it

selected articles

lead text - should anticipate - but how, in what form?

signals of progression in comments: Looking forward to …

Unmarked links in footer -

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