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3/31/2018 -- Midway (perhaps a little past the midpoint) Project Report

Yes, it's been a little too long since my last post. Believe it or not, I do keep my eye out on a daily basis for interesting/viable rhetorical situations that deserve to be discussed on this wiki. However:

This project has proven to be more difficult than I initially assumed it would be in the beginning. This is mostly due to the fact that a great number of the online DIY labels I follow or have stumbled upon in the process of working on this project use similar rhetorical tactics when advertising their catalogues on social media--and they are so similar that it's hard to differentiate between them. There are some subtle differences, yes, and I have been doing my best trying to point those out. A little too often though, I feel like I'm stretching things too far. It comes with the territory, I suppose.

All that aside though, I do believe this project has (so far) ultimately been a success. Though my frequency of posts has been less than what I initially planned for, the posts themselves contain enough information/analysis to make up for that.

My plan for going forward is to both continue on with my current format (providing visual examples of different rhetorical situations on social media platforms and analyzing them as we have done before in previous rhetoric classes) and push further into the academic research realm of things (which I, for the most part, ignored thus far--minus my post on 2/24/18 regarding microblogging). Hopefully I will be able to find more articles that pertain to this type of study of online rhetoric. Including other perspectives on this subject will (I assume) provide me with more wiggle room, open up some doors that I haven't been able to see thus far.
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