College of Business, Technology, and Communication

Monica's Description
Stephanie's Description

Monica's Characterization of the Page

The characterization of the page begins as professional and academic. The organization of the site makes it have easy readability as well as the white background with black and red font to distinguish between links and non links.

Half of the page is a pathway page, allowing people to look up the different programs offered at Bemidji State University and the different degrees available for students.

The photos are serious, and professional making the site seem that way as well. The large banner photo at the top of the page takes up a lot of space.

The page looks like a site for a company or a business. (prepares you to be professional) Appealing to Ethos. There is good alignment throughout the page. There is nothing “fun” about the page, it gets straight to the point.
The purpose of the page is to help students identify which program they would find interesting.

There is a strong connection to Bemidji State as a whole, their identity.

Stephanie's Characterization of the Page
The landing page is set up in a very professional mannerism. It ties into the message of what the college is trying to do: to get students ready for the professional world within the three respected disciplines. Although the three pages are directed at representing the specifics of each particular college, there is also the identification of how it is related to Bemidji State University overall, especially with all the links suggesting further information.

The page also is very informative and lays the foundation of the college. It is used as a way to promote its college but in a manner that doesn't try to sell itself. The option is there and available if interested students want to seek more information in a specific topic.

The layout is simple and is very user-friendly. As stated later, the rhetor assume the audience has a general knowledge of the use of the internet. The length is not too short but also not too lengthy. The overview of the college relays information and if a potential student is interested in learning more, the option is available to connect to more specifics with the included links throughout the layout of the page.

The pictures allow the audience to become involved and get a sense of the atmosphere. One common theme in the pictures used in the headers for the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business, Technology, & Communication is that they show faculty. The picture on the College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology shows faculty involved with the student population.

Monica's Characterization of the Context

Each of the three pages are very consistent. They each have a large banner picture on top with older people in the photo. Each of the pages has the same footer, with consistent links. Each site has crumbs at the top of the page to get back to the previous pages. Each page has consistent colors and text themes.

Each page has pictures of the Dean of that department on the left of the page. The pictures are all small and the same size.

Each page starts out with content and ends with a pathway page so people can find the information they are looking for easier. Some pages have more text than others.

Each page is written in an academic way, expressing the importance of being updated in this ever changing world. The pages also give the impression that BSU has all the different types of technology to stay updated with what is new, with the different programs they offer.

Each page puts emphasis on different "buzz" words for example, excellence. The writing is free of emotions, business like and sparse.

Stephanie's Characterization of the Context
On all three landing pages of the colleges, the same layout of the text is followed. All have the main three sections of the header, body, and footer but with different information. The information in the body all contain three separate columns with information of the dean on the left-hand side, an overview of the specific colleges in the middle column, and links to other areas directly related to the colleges.

The three colleges express the same general outlook but said in relatively different terms on there particular pages. They talk about preparing students for professional careers and/or those who are interested in furthering their education. The content does differ when the colleges talk specifically about how many and which majors and minors they offer as well as which areas of study they cover.

The contents within the top header navigation tab and the information in the footer are identical from page to page. The color of the text is also similar, which makes it easier for the audience to connect and relate to the different pages. The colors chosen for the text represent Bemidji State University in a way that connects all the programs together. The similarities show how everything is connected in one way or another.


Break your analysis into two parts

Rhetorical Properties
The genre of discourse in the landing page titled 'College of Business, Technology, and Communication' is mostly deliberative and somewhat epideictic. The site is mostly deliberative because it focuses on persuading potential students to come to BSU in the future and preparing current students for opportunities in the 21st century.
Some examples of deliberative discourse include:
"The college's faculty members bring both scholarship and practical experience to their classes..."
"Courses within the college also serve as prerequisites for students pursuing graduate and advanced professional programs." - referring to classes that are to be taken in the future

It somewhat focuses on being epideictic because it addresses the issues of the specific college at the current time.
Some examples of epideictic discourse include:
"Graduates of Bemidji State University's College of Business, Technology and Communication are prepared to enter rewarding 21st century careers in business, technology, information management, and communications."
"Courses withing the college also serve as prerequisites for students pursuing graduate and advanced professional programs."
"The college offers degree programs in..."
"The faculty constantly update their teaching assets through research, advanced study, and outreach to the broader community."

Each of these sentences makes a connection to the future and refers to what is to be done in the future.

Patterns of Rhetorical Properties
Similes: none

"A world of opportunity awaits"
"Faculty blend theory and real world experiences"

Irony: none

Personification: "the college also provides services and programming," "The college offers degree programs," "Courses within the college also serve as prerequisites," "Major programs offer students a world of opportunites."

Visual imagery: They use a banner image across the top portion of the page as well as a small photo of the interim Dean of the college on the left side of the page. These photos make the individuals appear very serious and are busy reading and/or concentrating.

Parallelism: Is seen by the repetition of words listed below. Both of the photos are serious with the subjects looking attently at something.

Antithesis: none

"Programs Prepare the 21st Century Professional"

Our Categories:
Repetition of Words and Phrases:
The word "college" used 11 times
The word "program" used 10 times
"College of Business, Technology and Communication" used 5 times
The word "blend" used in the heading and in the text
The word "faculty" used in heading and in the text two times
The word "experience" used in heading and in the text
"A world of opportunity" used two times
The word "students" used three times
The words "study" or "studies" used 9 times

patterns of repetition:
There are many different words that are repeated throughout the page (as listed above). Also, the repetition is seen in the two pictures by the way they are set in an academic setting, in the way everything is alphabetized throughout the page, and the same wording within the text that appears in the headings.
patterns of sequencing: The different sections are listed alphabetically. It is also seen how the headings of the page are also incorporated with the text in a round-about way.
patterns of omission: Patterns are seen in how classes are needed to be taken to get a degree in a specific area, how the faculty will provide a "rich blend" and "real-world applications," and what outreach does the faculty have/do? Not sure which category to put this under but why was the word 'and' spelled out instead of using the symbol '&'?
anomalies to patterns: The last bulleted group is not of the different Majors offered, but of Minors listed in a bulleted group, the name of the Dean is in a blue font, the main title "College of Business, Technology, and Communication" is in a blue font. The picture of the interim Dean is another example of an anomaly because it draws the eyes of the audience away from the page. Also, there is only one question that appears within the whole page and that is "Would you like to 'Give to the College of Business, Technology, and Communication?'" Under the programs offered, the majors are all listed with separate headings and underlined for links while the minors are all categorized into one heading, with the 'minors' heading not being underlined but the specific minors being listed in bullets and underlined for links.
patterns of relationships: Relationships can be seen in the page how everything is addressed in a professional manner. The banner picture at the top of the page sets the tone of the 'seriousness' and continues in the text with explaining what the particular college offers for students. The professionalism is also carried with what is to expected, like the alphabetized headings, programs, and bullets under the programs that are offered within the college.


Overall, we have concluded that the landing page of the "College of Business, Technology, and Communication" is done in a very professional manner. We discussed the deliberative and epideictic genres of discourse as well as stylistic devices connected to the page. Various properties of style are intertwined in a specific manner, such as the continuous theme of alphabetical order, the use of the heading titles within the text of the page, and the use of pictures. The main objective of the page is to provide information to the general public, most definitely to potential students, about the 'College of Business, Technology, and Communication.'


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