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Characterization of page

The main purpose of the page seems to be to identify what the college can do for potential students (prepare them to enter a professional career), and to outline the programs and degrees available through the college. There are links to the programs on the right side and in the main body of the page. Each program is also a link which suggests there is more information available.

Another message is that this college will prepare you to be a professional. This is reflected by the professional photos and organization of information and headings. It is setup like a report. There is a clear identification of the college administrator, with the picture and contact information on the left side.

There is a strong sense of identity to Bemidji State on this page. Even though it is a page for the College of Business, Technology, and Communication, the page content is framed by a header and footer that are clearly pointing back to the University as the umbrella under which this program falls.

The text is written primarily "matter of fact." There is not a lot of "flowery" text (such as, "this is the best college"). Because of this, the page does not read like an advertisement. Instead, it states the facts and lets the content speak for itself. There may be a couple of small exceptions to this, such as the phrase "A world of opportunity." What does that really mean? And, "giving students a rich blend of theory and..."

Characterization of context
The content is laid out in a way to make all pages of the BSU website consistent. There is a large bottom banner with global navigation that appears on all pages of the BSU website. Each page is a one-stop shop in a way. Even if you follow a link, you can get back to where you were using the breadcrumb links at the top of the page. The use of color gives the site a unified appearance. There are limited colors of text, which gives the site a professional look.

Images are used sparingly. There is one large image at the top and one small image on the left. This makes the text in the body the main focus. When images are used, they are depicting faculty and some students, allowing site visitors to see there are real people at the college. However, the use of primarily older people/faculty does not fit in with the traditional 18-21 year-old student body. These are purely academic photos.

Much of the body of the page is links. Once the reader has found what he is looking for, he can jump to that information instead of following a string of links to get to what you are looking for. Though there is some paragraph text, the main point of the page is a pathway page to other information. As is typical in pathway pages, the reader will likely only ready the first few sentences of each paragraph and then jump to the department pages. The site is laid out with headings which allow readers to grab and go without muddling through a lot of text.


Genre of discourse: primarily deliberative.
The goal of the site is to persuade students to pursue a degree in this college.

There are also hints of epideictic:
For example, in the paragraph that talks about faculty, there are praise statements such as, "constantly updating assets, etc." Also in verb choice, present-tense (bring, giving, update).
1st paragraph..."are prepared to enter rewarding 21st century careers in..."
The other part that is epideictic is that this page explains which program fall within the newly restructured college

Rhetorical Properties
Word choice is professional (required-not needed, pursuing-not going after, prepared-not get ready). Decision to spell out "and," not use &.

Personification examples: "Courses within the college also serve ," "The college offers," "the college also provides services and programming," A World of opportunity awaits."

Visual imagery: the site only uses two banner images. Both are close up shots of older white males. Serious photos, intense, academic, taken during meetings. Goes along with professionalism of site.

Parallelism: the layout of the departments and degrees. The headings are parallel because they are in alpha order, and have only the name of the programs, no extra fluff. The headings are all links. The degress are bulleted underneath and have parallel wording in alphabetical order and are not links. The heading for minors is an anomaly: it is not a link, its not in alpha order and the bulleted list underneath is made up of links.

Alliteration: "Programs Prepare the 21st Century Professional," "Industrial Technology, B.S. (Emphasis areas: Construction Management, Model Making, Manufacturing Management, and Manufacturing Technology)"

Patterns of Rhetorical Properties
page 79

Repetition: Repetition of words shows importance or priority, check out the wordle of this site. Most frequently used words are B.S., Business, Technology and Management.

Sequence: all of the links are listed alphabetically, visual symmetry in the side bars (left side is contact info and pic of Dean, right side is column of Departments and Programs).

Omissions: no explanation of why the college was restructured, no mention of the professors in the college

Anomalies: (ma namma na, doot doodoo doot doo!) in the list of links to programs, the heading is a link, followed by a bulleted list of degrees; the final heading is not a program, instead it is a non-linked heading for minors, followed by a bulleted list of links



The style used is very professional and business like. It is laid out like a report with headings and bulleted lists. The links are all listed alphabetically, which makes finding a specific degree or program easy. The word choice is professional, not casual. The pictures reflect professionalism as well as the people in them are serious and are taken in a professional setting.


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