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the cutting board background builds anticipation for the audience
“I extend my foodie platform to include the cutting board”
let’s face it, I’m a woman who loves to cook, so my anticipation is:
-we’re going to cook :)
clicked on my favorite food, one of the larger words in the cloud along the left side: CHEESE (perfect for the cutting board, right?)
it sees like I am going to learn about food (how to make it), and the culture (that makes it) and having seen Benny & Joon about a trillion times, (“Some cultures are defined by their cheese”) so, I click
unfortunately, it led to blog posts about food culture (cute, get the pun?) and national taco day, but alas no recipes on the home page
I go to the global navigation links, select the Bookshelf link, there are cookbooks and the Food Online link features
I admit, I only scroll down for 4-5 entries on any page,
Still wanting those cheese recipes, I went back to “cheese” and scrolled down further.
I found “I didn’t have any milk, so I used butter” then I clicked the read more link
At last, a recipe! Not for cheese, but butter is my second favorite food
I go back to the home page and check to see if I have found the pattern
The About Me does not tell the author’s name, (although most posts are made by Mark Anthony Arceno, whose name goes to the rhetor’s Google Plus social page)
The search bar stretches across and over the top of the blog itself on a white “surface”, which is on a translucent cream background. It is out of the way, but upfront.
The font unifies the page, for the entire site is the same serif font (except the host and outside entity based links and the section headers & dates)

I have found a pattern, or rather patterns. The links work in two or three basic ways.
One is: blogs about places and events, such as the Country Living Fair or Dinner at the Gastropub, these appear to populate the Home page.
Two is: blogs about cooking, with recipes, these are accessed via the word cloud)
Three is: a link to links, such as videos (More Food Online) and links/titles (Bookshelf, Food Online, Past Blogs)

blog style one:
accessed on home page,
I access the first article, “Saturday Recap” which I scrolled down to find cooking tips, like using bread crumbs to flour pan, but mostly it’s a post about a Country Living Fair (some dead links in the text, ie: Beekman 1802 Boys) with a cookbook from 1802 (links to where the book can be pre-ordered) a mention of his favourite quotes that links to his Culinary POV. His use of the European spelling signals that this is not an American author -which is clear in the author bio.

The photos do not link to anything except larger versions of themselves, in a library of photos.
The Urban Spoon logo in some of the entries links that the entry’s listing at Urban Spoon.
Under each entry is an input for “I’m Hungry” or “I’m Full” (in nonsense or mis/non Mac-coded text, as there is no definition for either term “ndflambile” or “ndfhluthi” that I can find)
Also, the tags for the article appear after each entry, making a cross reference to related articles
At the bottom, space to comment, and “Link to this Post”

blog style two: A discussion of a recipe, with a Read More link to the actual recipe.

blog style three: fairly self explanatory

I did not see any overt ads in the website.

Differences with the Little House Living website
LH Corporate advertising all over the place, links to items we can buy
LTF No ads, links to items we can buy
LH Search bar on lesser side, down the page
LTF search bar across the top
LH Mini Bio on HomePage, named on Hoe and About Pages
LTF Bio only on About Me page, never named
LH Dominant on left
LTF Dominant on right
LH & LTF Font shifts to Script for Headers, color shifts (both brown)
LH Dominant newer post on Home Page
LTF All Home Page entries are uniform in size
LH 700+ pages are listed along the bottom of main page
LTF No pages link on the bottom of Home Page
LH Mason Jar, country girl, solid color on main page, no direct connection to page/cite
LTF No logo, background is art “cutting board” as mentioned in Home Page intro
LH Key terms on right, bottom, leads to Ads (along bottom) Google searches that match terms
LTF Key terms widget for tag cloud, links to other articles of same tags
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