Presentational Enthymemes BSU Home Page

Systematically exploring the BSU home page for presentational enthymemes.

The Main Menu Bar

In exploration and analysis of the page, one finds that each of the eight main menu tabs provides an example of a presentational enthymeme. Each states its own cap, infers a claim, provides data and backing with restrictions to the claim. All are laid out with identical artistic pisteis, and provide a very organized structure in ideational enthymeme for a university website providing clear links to the supporting evidence of the inartistic pisteis. Each makes an appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos. The following are a few examples of the presentational enthymemes found in the main menu bar:

About Menu Tab:
Establishing pathos on a campus lake dock for the outdoors enthusiast in the intended audience.

Academics Menu Tab:
Just the Facts, Dr. Jack.

Admissions Menu Tab:
Ready When You Are.

Student Life Menu Tab:
Campus Powwow

The Circles

The images of faces in the five circles against the background image of Memorial Hall work together as an introduction to a few of the new faces on campus this year. Hovering over each circle provides a name while clicking on the image provides the introduction. While these windows into a few of the faces in the crowd are not links, the last window does include a link within the introduction text. The names provide the appeal to ethos. The images, the new faces in the crowd, appeal to pathos. And the introductions provide the the appeal to logos.

The What's Happening

The What's Happening bar appears to be a footer menu or link until you scroll down the page to reveal all that is happening. Four news stories appear with a thumbnail images that appeal to pathos, story titles that appeal to ethos, and the appeal to logos found in each linked story page.
Fall Enrollment at Bemidji State University Grows for Third Consecutive Year

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