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Presentational Enthymemes

Fallacy: a common error in reasoning that render an argument invalid.
Red Herring: an irrelevant point that distracts the audience from the real issue.
Ad Hominem: Attacking the character of an opponent instead of the quality of his/her reasoning. Sometimes derived from untrustworthy ethos.
Bandwagon Appeal: taking wide acceptance of an idea as proof of its truth.
1) The very first thing I noticed-- as the page fully loads, bubbled faces show across the middle of the page, like usual. This has been on the homepage for as long as I have been in school. The very first one, the girl's face on the left, because larger than the rest and her text pops-up. After an introductory state about this girl, Amanda as we now know, it reads "Meet more newcomers in the other circles!". Although this is written in text, this promotes the curiosity of the user to click on other circles to read more. All circles are outlined boldly in white so as not to blend in with the background which is also a picture.
Claim: Bemidji State University is adding new diverse faculty and staff this year.
Data: Each circle describes and introduces the user to each person.
Warrant: Under Amanda Snyder's picture it reads " one of the more than 50 new faculty and staff at BSU this year".
Each person plays a different role at BSU. Based on the bubbles our school has diversity.
Cap: The user needs to click on these in order to allow new information to pop-up

Fallacy: The last bubble contains Dr. James Barta. The only reason this could count as a fallacy is because he is not a "new" staff member-- he is returning to the school as a dean of a department, he left back in 2015.

2) The background is a picture of the university in fall. There are changing leaves on the tree shown and barely peaking through is the Memorial Hall building. Everyone who attends BSU or even lives in Bemidji can figure out where the site of this picture is. Fall time is when school is in full swing. It is also a time that gathers people--whether is it for school, holidays, vacations, or simply hangouts. When I look at this background I feel familiar and relevant. I know where this building is. I know where the school is. And the season presented makes me feel warm and welcome. The colors are subtle and natural, no editing to the picture is obvious. This helps BSU stick with their minimalistic theme on their homepage as well as present a glimpse of the actual school during this time. The cap is the photo. This gives the idea of a beautiful fall day in Minnesota. It is big and bold, eye catching as you could call it, because it take up the entire space. It becomes the webpage base even though the other elements on the page never change. This gives the illusion of a beautiful campus. It invites you to come visit or see what's behind the trees. Overall this picture is pathos.
Claim: Bemidji State University has a beautiful fall campus right now that you should visit.
Data/Warrant: When the user scrolls down they see a video with the caption "Best Decision Ever!" This says, you should go here because this person said so, or because this person goes here too (bandwagon effect, loaded language). Not only that but when pathos comes into play through this picture, on might feel an invitation to visit the campus based on its beauty in fall time and the curiosity that lies outside of the camera lens.

This could be a Red Herring. One could argue that the picture takes away from the overall information on the page. It could be seen as irrelevant to the message the page is trying to send. The phrase "has a beautiful fall campus", is all opinion and could be argued but there is no fallacy on the page that suggests otherwise.

3) At the very top center of the page we see the BSU logo. This is clarified/implied that is it indeed the BSU logo when it is followed by the text Bemidji State University. The white text matches the rest of the simplistic theme. Following underneath is the tool bar/text bar/ navigation bar with category tabs. This is also in white, making it standout against the dully colored background. These tabs seem to be arranged in no particular order. The Search Bar is at the end though, meaning that if one can't find what they are looking for within the 8 tabs then a search engine will help them out. This particular search tab brings up anything with the words typed into it/relevant to it. The text to the right of the drop down under these tabs is the cap. The backing could be the link on the left to advance further (ethos). The pictures to the right appeal to pathos (i.e. the family dressed in beaver gear under the Alumni tab). The actual bar itself is the cap. Claim: Bemidji State University webpage provides information about all it offers for new and current students.
Data: The bar itself
Warrant: Click on the bars to find out more

Fallacy: There is no evidence against this claim. This is again an opinion but it has actual text on the page to back it.

4) As students, most of us use the tool bar located in the upper right hand corner, which is in green. I'm pretty sure this bar has never changed colors, even if there has been a not-so-complimenting background. This tab includes My BSU which require student I.D. for access and allows the user to go onto their D2L and their e-services. Offices & Services and the Directory are similar in that they help the user find information that could be under certain organizations, staff, buildings, or events. The Directory and the My BSU tab are what I personally use the most. Because students use these almost everyday they don't change in font, style, position, or color.
Claim: ?
Data: ?
Warrant: ?

Fallacy: ?

5) On the very bottom lies a bar in a color similar to the white all above. It reads "What's Happening:" follow by the current date. That is the cap. Everything underneath is the data. Most users might think to click on this but in order for it to advance you have to scroll down with your mouse. I automatically do that because I'm on this webpage so often. After scrolling down we see four headline news stories about the school. in the corner there's a button to view more. Underneath that there is a list of event happening there that day. There's also a button in the corner to view the entire calendar. The claim for the calendar could be: Bemidji State University hosts various on-campus events that appeal to a wide range of students and their interests. The links act as invitations. Underneath that there's a collage of pictures with links to certain news, information, or advertisements. Two of these squares have play buttons indicating that they are videos. The color theme at the bottom seems to change to navy blue. In the bottom left hand corner lies a symbol followed by the text, "A member of the colleges and universities of Minnesota State, Bemidji State University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity educator and employer." This let's the users, and visitors, know that this is a legitimate site and the college doesn't discriminate. This also supports that claim up above that Bemidji State University is a diverse school.
Claim: ?
Data: ?
Warrant: ?

The Bandwagon Appeal may be in use in this one. The video shown within the "advertisements", shows a college girl in a Bemidji sweatshirt. The phrase "Best Decision Ever" is to her side. Even before watching the video the user can infer that Bemidji is the best decision ever and because this girl think so, therefore it's true. She goes to college here and so should you.

The caps on the website:
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