Presentational Enthymeme #1 (On-Campus Living: Affordable Convenience)

This particular enthymeme is found on the bottom right of the page (below the calendar section). I think this is a relatively permanent section of the site.

The cap in this instance is the phrase "affordable convenience"--which initiates a presentational enthymeme (the claim being: it is very affordable and convenient to live on campus at Bemidji State University).

The data can be found once the link is clicked (and the user is taken to a different page where the reasons [or warrants] why on-campus living is a good decision for prospective students). The data on this subsequent page focuses much more on the "convenience" claim than the "affordable" claim (being that the "rates" section is in the upper right corner of the screen in small text [which is another link that leads to that specific information]). Here it is reinforced over and over again that living on campus provides a greater sense of community, makes it easy to find "study partners", provides environments conducive to learning, etc. Also, the page makes sure to let the user know how convenient it is to live so close to campus (being that the user can sleep in longer, access all the necessary areas that might aid the user in his/her studies [library, computer labs, etc], and even hit up the convenient store if he/she runs out of shampoo].

The materials, in this case, are: the photograph that accompanies the "affordable convenience" text on the home page, AND the photos on the actual page that is linked to the home page. In the initial page's photo, there is a dorm room filled with (what we can assume are) friends who seem to be playing a game of some sort (definitely not studying). The room is well-kept (the shoes all lined up perfectly underneath one of the beds). The first photo on the second page shows a group of students (all wearing BSU shirts/hoodies) standing in a common kitchen, posing for the camera (very happy to be living together on-campus at BSU). In the second photo is a pair of students (study partners) tackling a math problem or something of the like. These materials all highlight the "convenience" part of the claim.

Presentational Enthymeme #2 (Education That Works)

The cap here is the phrase "Education That Works"--which initiates another presentational enthymeme (the claim being: if you are to attend classes at BSU, the education you receive will successfully prepare you for work/life outside of academia).

The data can be found by following the various links that appear once you move the mouse over the "Academics" tab on the top of the BSU homepage (the links being: Undergraduate, Graduate, Online/Distance, Summer Sessions, Programs, Research, Library, Resources/Support). In these pages, all of the different majors/minors/fields of study/ect. offered at BSU are presented to the user (each of them explained and laid out [class by class, semester by semester]). Other data includes different ways of going about completing your education (online, summer classes, etc), and various places on campus (and on the web, of course) that can aid in completing school work (the library [both the physical library AND the online database], the advising center, the writing center, etc).

The warrants are scattered here and there throughout these linked sections. A good example of one is in the Undergraduate section (text underneath a photo of a young woman presenting her work to an attendee of a conference of some sort that reads: "Art and Design students develop professional portfolios and present them to visiting professionals". This represents the link to the world outside of academia (contact/conversation with actual real-world professionals), and thus reinforces the claim that BSU will prepare students for life beyond academia.

Presentational Enthymeme #3 (Apply for Free: No Application Fee at Bemidji State from Oct 1-31)

The cap here is the phrase: "Apply for Free: No Application Fee at Bemidji State from Oct 1-31" (the claim being: as opposed to the rest of the year, there will be no charge included with the application for acceptance into the ensuing Spring semester of 2017).

The message is designed to entice prospective students to register soon (within the month of October) in order to save money (and ultimately most likely have a better chance of registering for the right classes before others who choose to wait until later to register).

The (most prominent) warrant is connected to the claim (BSU celebrates College Knowledge Month--which is a state-wide effort to make sure high school seniors get a chance to apply to their preferred colleges before graduation). This can, of course, apply to anyone who wishes to attend college in the Spring semester (not just high school students about to graduate). This warrant also infers that BSU is very much interested in making an education at BSU seem attainable to anyone who brushes past this section on the home page. Beneath all of this, it can also be inferred that BSU wants prospective students to see that BSU is not all about bringing in money in any and every way possible (at least not in the month of October).

Presentational Enthymeme #4 (True North Bemidji)

The cap in this one is on the page linked to the original section on the BSU homepage: "Good life by the lake: Welcome to Bemidji, capital of Minnesota's beautiful North woods. Come see why our unlimited opportunities and outstanding quality of life are no longer a well-kept secret" (the claim being: Bemidji has great outdoor opportunities and layers of history and endless possibilities for enjoying life [and therefore ACADEMIC life--being that BSU is located here in this beautiful area, and all of these things are accessible to prospective students]).

The message is designed to paint an ideal picture of small-town Minnesota life to prospective students (especially students who might be coming from a bigger city or an area with much less "opportunities" and "possibilities").

The data is located on the actual True North Bemidji page (in which all that Bemidji has to offer is summed up in different sections [which are all listed sequentially on a bar on the home page: Economy, Education, Healthcare, Technology, Youth, Community, Entertainment, Outdoors, Arts, Shopping, Tourism, About]). There examples listed in each section. Of course, BSU is the example listed in the Education section.

The data also works as warrants in this case (being that all of the examples support the claim).
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