Presentational Enthymemes

Work with the pages from both weeks. Why? To see what regularities are at work - what material and interactions stay the same from week to week, and how they vary from week to week. Those regularities are going to point to material that visitors will use to assemble the ideational enthymeme. See what presentational enthymemes you can infer from your systematic encounter with the page.

When you identify a presentational enthymeme, explain how it works. State the claim you're inferring and the data on the page or in your encounter that is related to the claim. Mention what presentational stuff is involved. This might be position on page, order of encounter, other features.

Don't stop with two or three. There are going to be more presentational enthymemes than are active on the page, especially over two weeks. Right now, we're looking for as many as we can to see how presentational enthymemes work. There are presentational enthymemes possible in every encounter with every interface movement. A drop down menus with text and image might cap an enthymeme. Clicking a link might. Scrolling up to reveal the panel rising on the screen might.

Interestingly, the backgrounds of the webpage are now different. The background on the 20 Sep website shows a compact
view of the campus, some of the lake and a little background of the residential area across from the school. The most recent
background is much more extensive; included are all of downtown and nearly the entire campus. Also noticeable was the
shading or coloring of the images. The former is much brighter looking and greener. The latter image is much more subdued.
It looks like there is a cloud over the campus, but the sun is shining over downtown. The professor's heads have changed.
Relating to that, gone is the excitement and anticipation of the new school year. It has been replaced by four people
that will be giving honors lectures in the near future. The campus calendar and announcements in the "What's
Happening" panel are different. The virtual tour, on campus living, registration and "no buddy left behind" info bits
remain the same. The navigation bar and accompanying photos are also the same.

The very first instance is the color green. It's prominent in both webpage backgrounds. This is a cap for
a presentational enthymeme that initiates an inference of environmental stewardship. Showing the
green lushness of the campus implies that BSU is indeed environmentally conscious; we've preserved
most of the trees. When about is clicked in the navigation menu, our environment is easily located and
opened with datum displaying sustainability on campus and education and advocacy programs. The
warrant is the desire for an environmentally friendly campus. The claim that they are environmentally
conscious is evident in the statement, "named one of America’s greenest colleges and universities by
The Princeton Review."
The head shots of the professors are prominently displayed on both webpages. The photos of the
professors when scrolled are caps, they are the starting point that direct the audience to the rest
of the material to be encountered. The presentational quality of the enthymeme is realized when
the audience scrolls over the image and clicks on it. The message promotes a professor and their
pending academic accomplishment. In this case, all honors lectures. This infers that the professors
hired by the university are competent and more than qualified to instruct a potential student. This
showcases the claim that BSU takes academic study seriously, and is a quality school. The warrant
showcases the professors' dedication to profession.
The "What's Happening" panel contains a presentational enthymeme also. "Best Decision Ever" claims
that students should attend BSU for a great experience. Clicking on the panel caps the enthymeme as
it produces a path to the datum that include students personal experiences with the university. Specific
phrases such as "one of a kind," and "like no other" infer a unique and rewarding experience. The accessibility
to professors is also stressed, adding to the uniqueness of a small school. The testimonies are presented in an
informal manner that relaxes the audience.
I also noticed (I think) that the inference of the enthymeme changed with the dates of the website. The inferences
have all involved either professors and latest, alumni. The inferences changed from the excitement of a new year to
current accomplishments of the staff, and finally achievements of past students. All are supportive of the claim that
academics are taken seriously.
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