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There are a number of active elements within this article that help drive the rhetor's message. The animations and images help show the arguments and how it can affect people in a similar situation to the user. The presuppositions with the clothing that the figures wear helps understand their own situations, and could also help users relate - especially if they have one of the jobs that is presented at the beginning. By using an interactive website, the authors encourage the users to mess around with the scenarios and to learn how the income inequality became what it is today. By separating the categories, they can see how it affects specific aspects of society. The artifact certainly focuses on a current event and aspect of society.


The implied rhetor seems to focus its attention on the working middle class (the implied audience), though there are a few mentions of citizens that may or may not fit into that category perfectly. The rhetor is there to get the messages across; that there is a problem, that it affects you, and there is a way to fix it. The rhetor makes presuppositions about it's implied audience as a way to try to make a sort of personal connection with them, as a way to get their attention. By using a webpage with to-the-point vocabulary, the rhetor is able to reach more of it's audience that if it restricted itself to a research paper or to a simple slide-show presentation.
As for the audience, the variety of characters in the first animation (and almost all other animations) reaches to a wider audience, and the audience themselves feel more connected to what the rhetor is trying to get across.
The audience is more likely than not a working, middle class citizen of the U.S. They might be aware of their situation and wanting to learn more or to learn just how much of a gap there is in incomes. There's also a possibility that they were unaware of the inequality and a friend introduced it to them, so they want to see the facts for themselves.


Presentational Enthymemes
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