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The intended audience is the new commers to campus and people looking into atending BSU in the next year becasue this is the time of the year when High School seniors are narrowing there search when choosing a college, there are several things that are trying to push people into the sesion of choosing BSU over another school. In the "caring for the earth" picture it makes you feel relaxed envirnment orentated and and fun. There is a woman with her bike, this intales envirnmental awarenes, the colors that she is whearing are very "earth" with dull greens browns and tans, there is a large tree, and perfectly green grass implying that nature is "nearby" and there is also a man sleeping tword the lake that gives you the feeling that it is a very relaxing and layed back type of place to be.

Edited a lil bit and will finish it this weekend. How does it look?

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