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It seems to me that there is something fundamentally stark or gutted about seeing one's life explained in such a brief amount of space, surely the twenty years or so you have lived cannot be summated in three hundred or so words. However, this point is somewhat arbitrary and if I am being honest, mostly contrived from the need to fill more space, ironic huh? :) In any case I will try to describe myself as best as possible: I was born and raised in the Bemidji area, and have come to think of the Northlands as my sanctuary. I spent my freshman year of college at the University of Minnesota Duluth, yet as much as I will always carry a small part of that city and its people inside me, there is something about the tranquil nature of the Bemidji area and its people that drew me back as a transfer student my sophomore year. When I can find time I endure to saction as much time as I can for exploring, hiking, running, canoeing, and generally satisfying that continual urge to return to the beauty of remembered haunts, yet also to peer around the next hill or river bend. Or at least to dub myself an amateur outdoorsman and earn some "manly" prowess among my close friends. As a student at BSU I am currently studying in the English Education program with an emphasis on writing. I am here because I have always felt an affinity for the art of writing and reading, for me, taking up a new book is as much an adventure as setting out on a new trail.

When I am not attending school I spend a majority of my time with my new wife who I married this last summer. We were middle and high school sweethearts, not to get too romantic or personal here, but she means more to me than anything else, and subsequently takes the highest priority in my life aside from the God that I serve.

I am sure there are more details I will wish to add here, and will when they come to me. Until then, thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

-Peter Coffin


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