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Persuasive Technology

- ZacharyBurke


As a vocal proponent of video games and gaming as legitimate forms of art, education and entertainment, I felt it only right that my analysis of persuasive technology should have something to do with games and emergent technology.

I picked the InstantAction website for two reasons: Firstly, because it is a free, browser-based 3D gaming platform. Currently, InstantAction stands practically alone as a provider of free, 3D, browser-based games, but the games industry is making remarkable motions in that direction. Cloud processing and server-side gaming is coming into the spotlight. (Consider OnLive) Soon, this kind of service will become much more popular, and its persuasions much more widespread. Secondly, I chose InstantAction because I recall it being particularly effective as a social actor. It uses language especially to establish itself as a hip, friendly and somewhat sassy social entity.
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