as Persuasive Technology

Youtube is a web site that allows people to view any and every video put on the website by its users.
On a persuasion level, it is macrosuasion. There are some microsuasion levels within it.
It is a tool of persuasion. It leads people to watch more videos and creates a list of videos related to the video the visitor or user is currently watching.
On the top of the website is the main menu where visitors and users can search for videos to watch. There is also a link for visitors to sign up or current users to sign in. Below that is a row of videos that are currently being watched by people. Farther below that is a group of "Featured Videos." And below that is a list of "Spotlight Videos" (currently focusing on orchestras).
When you click on a video to watch, the web site brings you to the main page for the video. On the right hand side of the video is the user's name and more about the video. The User's name is also a link to their page and more videos they have put on YouTube. Below the user's name, is a list of videos the user has on YouTube. And below that Youtube has created a list of videos related to the video the visitor or user is currently watching. This can persuade people to look at the videos they might be interested in. Below the related videos is a list of featured videos, similar to the list on the homepage.
Below the video is a place for users, to rate the video, to link the video to Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, and to leave comments about the video. However, visitors have to login to leave comments, persuading them to join and put their own videos on the web site.

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