Patricia Harris

Hello! My name is Patricia Harris and I am what I would like to call a Fresh Junior. When I graduated from my high school in Pequot Lakes, I had graduated with my Associate in Arts Degree which bumped me up from being a Freshman to a Junior. While I walked into the first day of class Undecided, I have just recently finally declared my major under the TADD program as a Graphic Designer with an Emphasis in Exhibit Design. My older sister had inspired me to check out the Exhibit Design program that they have here which is unique to Bemidji State University.

I love to write stories as well as music and hope to eventually finish writing a book of my own. I love to be imaginative with the world around me and create my own world through my stories. I have also always wanted to become fluent in a second language and have done some studying on my own time. Currently, I am working on Korean (having done some language hopping over the years) and while I am far from my goal of fluency, I have at least achieved the ability to read and write in their writing system known as Hanguel. I hope that I will also be able to make use of this achievement by traveling abroad with the exchange program they have here at Bemidji.

While I am not sure of what adventure lies ahead of me, I hope to carry on no matter what as I continue to explore my own story with the world around me.




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