The Organized Mom

Audience Markers: " Did you catch the part about being small?"
" I loooooove homemade bread. You do too, don’t you? You’re smelling it right now aren’t you?"
"At some point in time you decided that Stuff was worth enough to purchase it and bring it home."
- Flouts of implicature: quality, relation, manner, clarity:
"When your kids start playing “nest” in your closet with all of the clothes on the floor, I think it’s time for a little re-organization. Although that circular pile they made on the floor does look awfully tempting to take a nap in…"
"At some point I was getting bored and got a little creative with my flip flops."
" I tell ya folks, a woman’s happiness is based on organized shoes. And finishing something she started in one hour or less."

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