I choose to take roughly the same text and spice it up by way of an imaging program. I used microsoft paint because its simple to use, I am familiar with it, and I knew it could do what I wanted to acomplish.
I used plain white paper because frankly, its all I had available.
I used half inch margins as opposed to 3/4 because I wanted the graphic to fill the page more, and I wanted more space to work with.
My name is in the top right corner, hand written via my tablet PC. Most people expect a name somewhere at the top so they can associate the rest of the document to the author.
My paragraphs are set at alternating slants of 10 degrees, for the sake of breaking out of the typical left to right linear fashion. I think it makes it stand out and look more interesting and therefore more appealing.
I used lots of contrasting color to make the page attract the eye quickly. Without seeing the text just the visual layout of the bright contrasting colors and slanted lines should grab people's interest.
Straight lines are too typical, to well expected.
I used block of text (in the form of paragraphs) because it fit well with my design and required very little editing of the text to prepare.
I used a good handful of small but meaningful pictures in the excess space of the document, some to reinorce the text and some to illustrate things not included in the text.

So, this time I used color and graphics, lines, etc to create appeal to what is otherwise the exact same document I origionally turned in. The meaning has not drastically changed except that the graphics probably make it more real and the design makes the ideas appealing.
For "Rhetorical difficulties" it was mostly just deciding whether or not a particular graphic reinforced my ideas in the text or not. The formalility is roughly the same.
The main difficulties were choosing what graphics to acompany the text and how to fit them in the space available. Resizing and having a graphics tablet helped greatly.
If I had something like photoshop I maybe could have had better image quality on the final product, but for a quick school project paint worked just fine.
I feel that I was highly succesful and that people will like it, its a little over-kill on an introduction for a university-level course but overall it prolly makes a better choice than the 3 paragraph black and white text block idea.
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