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One Page Intro Notes

Part 1: Observing

Visual Choices

Textual Choices

Part 2: Considering

1. I used the same material as I did for the first assignment, I changed the layout a little by adding a picture, and changing the way I did my title. I used the same words for a majority of the page, because I thought that that is what should be in an introduction.
2. I didn't change any of the paragraph, except I added Hello my name is Anthony Cole, to the begining sentence. I did this, because I took my name out of the margin, and I thought it was a little less informal.
3. I made the look of my document less formal, but kept some formality in it by not telling embarrassing stories, or extremely persosnal information. I just gave a brief history, and said some things I like to do. The picture doesn't take away any credibility, it might add some. By showing that I acctually do go camping, which is one of the things that I said I do.
4. I ran into difficulty, because the printer I used didn't print in color, and also I didn't have photoshop on my computer at home were I worked on this project, which would have enabled me to manipulate the page more.
5. I wasn't in control of the resources I had on my computer, at the time I didn't this. I wish that I would have had the time to go into the lab at school and work with photoshop.
6. I feel successful with the second introduction, because it is a little less formal, more interesting to look at, but it still holds credibility. It itroduces a little bit of where I come from, what I like to do, what I have acomplished, and what I would like to achieve in the future.
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