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=====One Page Intro=====
250 Words in Print

This exercises gives us a chance to get comfortable with each other. It also introduces our general method of working in this class, the way we're going to be looking at and reviewing texts; it opens up discussion, and gives you some practice at observing and note-taking, time to settle, get the textbook, and introduce the wiki.

It has a number of parts and lasts a few class days. I'll give it to you in sections so you can focus your attention on one aspect at a time.

=== Part 1: for Tues ===
Write a one-page introduction of yourself to the class. This should not be one word less than 200 - and not one word more than 250. Try, in your manner, to illustrate or exemplify something of your personality. Write this as you would a typical writing assignment in a typical class, using whatever technologies you typically do. But the paper you bring to class should be word processed. Bring it to class //in paper//.


=== Part 2: notes on part 1 ===
[to come]

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