Notes on Captology Chaps 3 - 5


the functional triad

computing technology can play three roles in persuading: tool, media, and social actor. Each role has its own persuasive strategies.

chap 3: as persuasive tools

an interactive product can be designed to persuade by making desired outcomes easier to achieve [cognitively, physically, emotionally?]

Fogg identifies seven strategies
[in traditional terms, Fogg is identifying how rhetorical situations can be created and controlled. Tunneling is a good case of this.]

Question: to what extent are each of these persuasion, and to what extent ... something else? Not coercive but done without our real agreement.

chap 4: as persuasive media

simulation - strategies in using a device to shape attitudes and behaviors by providing compelling simulated experiences

add: how about protected simulated environs of university classroom?

chap 5: persuasive social actors

products persuade by giving social cues that elicit social responses from users. acknowledges that there are no studies that show how this works.

Types of strategies that computers can give to persuade.

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