Nick Retka

Hello. My full name is Nickolas Lee Retka, but you can just call me Nick. I am a senior at Bemidji State University pursuing a degree in business administration as well a a minor in computer science. I am from a town just two hours south of Bemidji called Little Falls, Minnesota. Little Falls is a decent sized town of just under 9000 people. I enjoyed growing up there with all of my immediate family living in the same town and having a graduating class of 170 in which i could tell you the name of every single classmate.

I have many hobbies that I enjoy doing mainly based on the time of the year. In spring, turkey hunting is a big priority for me. I love being able to vocalize with them and watch their reactions to the different sounds coming out of my call. In the summer, I have absolutely no free time, all my time is devoted to playing slow pitch softball and fishing bass tournaments. I am actually fortunate enough this year to be attending men's slow pitch nationals on labor day weekend with my uncles team in Fargo. Fall means its time for some of the best fishing of the year as well as deer hunting. Then in winter there is an over abundance of darkness, so I spend my time ice fishing by day, then becoming a movie and TV show enthusiast by night.


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