Project Proposal


In the twenty-first century, depression has become a less taboo topic to talk about, but it’s still not something that is celebrated or talked about casually. Nowadays, we have the technology to converse online with people around the world, and talk to people anonymously. This has led to the topic of depression sprouting up online in good and bad ways. I wanted to find out if the experience I went through in high school as a depressed teen who was using social media to find myself again is a common occurrence and why it happened. I also wanted to research the good and bad links between depression and social media, finding out if this trend is a positive one for young adults and teens or not.


I am very motivated by this project, because as a teenager I was also very depressed during ninth through twelfth grade, and I used blogging and online forums to reach out to people and explore my personal issues. As a teen, this helped me cope with my problems, and I want to see if this is something that occurs often.


Romanticizing Depression with Social Media
At Risk for Depression
Social Media Depression
Cyber-Bullying Link to Depression and Social Media
How it Can Help or hurt
Supporting People with Depression
Media Multitasking and Depression and Anxiety
Social media as a measurement tool of depression in populations
The relationship between self-report of depression and media usage
More sources will develop once I dig deeper into the research of this topic, so I will update the proposal on my Wiki page as that happens.


To stay on top of the project and publish my work each week, I’m going to have a work in progress Wiki page that I will add weekly notes to, and use to finalize my findings. The goal is to have 25-30 pages of information on the Wiki at the end of this project.

Variables to Consider

There are many variables to consider when looking at the link between social media and depressed young adults and teens. There are blogs out there dedicated to the romanticized ideas of depression and blogs about working through your depression and being more confident in yourself. I want to find examples of both and talk about what I find.

Purpose Statement

The project is going to combine the information on the topic of depression linked with social media and explain what I’ve found with the use of a Wiki page.

Weekly Schedule/Goals

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