genres share features because their users share certain purposes p 15

Genre can be described - as Myers does p 18
stylistic markers

Exercise: Use formal features, stylistic markers to describe Facebook.

Genres shape pratices

Genre include not just the texts and stylistics moves but practices: what people DO with them, and the ways they do that.

Genres shape practices, they shape the way we do things, [and so eliminate or bracket what else could be done.]

They are ultimately social, and aim at legislating social and verbal interaction.

But we have to look not only at the style but at the technology and what people DO with it - 19

Sidenote: Affordances p 21
Affordances are aspects of the environment that we understand in terms of their use. Eg: door handles

Affordances occur on the web

Genres with blogs and wikis

The genre of blog help guide the development of a larger social world - that people create by participation. Myer's position: 23: blogs break down the authority of existing social networks and rebuild them around the personal. They do so in public. The social interactinos that were hidden start to emerge.


Blogosphere breaks down into multiple publics - multiple forums: smaller communities that pursue their own discussions and are not contained as a group within a larger group. Bloggers don't address a general public, or a group unified by nation or place.

This is important
Bloggers don't address a general public. The sense of audience that has developed under mass communication is not an appropriate sense of audience in considering blogging.

This is unlike our sense of audience as it is informed by mass comm: the audience of mass comm not a community, it is not a homogenic group that texts are designed and composed for, as they are by mass comm. The blogger writes for "people just like him." 24.

This means that foodies are talking food, but w/o necessary reference to or need to be in the same physical place or time. p 24.

This means that there are a group of bloggers who went to my high school who still might exchange stuff on the HS days. They write for each other and to each other not as a demographic or homogenous group but with history and shared social ground.

Bloggers write for others like themselves - those occupying the sphericule, the little community - wherever they may be. They do not write for a mass or general audience.

And that influences genre: how it's used, how it develops

Next: need to look at the parts of a weblog
what the genre consists of formally

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