Notes on Myers Chap 1

The Discourse of Blogs and Wikis

What's valuable about Meyers is that he dramatizes - steps through - what he's doing in investigating weblogs -
- note that he starts with description of the blog and context - pp 16 ff -moves towards a question or two, introducing linguistic/rhetorical concepts as he goes

Myers: We used to know what we were reading or investigating: newspaper, poem, ad, article - speech.

Myers as a linguist and rhetorician - and why he's interested in weblogs
not to evaluate but to analyze and describe and interpret

p 2: characteristics: description
p 3: why devote some time to them
p 4: why focus on the language of blogs rather than visual and design

reviews his interests and why he's going to address in the book pp 7ff. He's looking at a set of rhetorical practices by bloggers -

Get a sense of what a blog is

can be put to range of uses -
focus on USES for now, rather than genres

Meyer's focus is on the inventive, personal, compressed writing.

Alerts us to focus: not just what we might find interesting but range of use of lingusitic and rhetorical features and moves - 4
strictly speaking, discourse analysis: rhetoric focused on social interaction

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