My name is Monica Rawlings and I am 22 years old and I am a senior and a Mass Communication major. I have an emphasis in Journalism/New Media and Public Relations/Advertising and well as a specialist in coaching. One of my passions is playing hockey, which I do every day with the Bemidji State Women's hockey team. We are at the Division I level and have a really intense schedule playing top teams across the nation. I love being active and being able to be with my friends everyday. In my free time I like to be active by rollerblading, swimming, running, and playing tennis. I am the second oldest in a family of 5 kids. My sister plays on the BSU Women's hockey team as well, she recently turned 21 and is loving life. I also love watching the Minnesota Wild play. I watch most of their games on TV but seeing them play live at the Xcell Energy Center is always an amazing experience. Walking around the facility and seeing all of the high school jerseys from the boys and girls hockey teams across the state really made me realize how special playing hockey in Minnesota really is. I have a chocolate lab named Rocky, and I would soon like to get two small dogs one white, one black, that fit in the palm of my hand. Why two? So they will never be lonely and will always have a friend to play with. I like traveling and going to different places.


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