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======Molly's WikiName Page======

My name's Molly, I'm Creative and Professional Writing major who has obtained "super senior" status (aka, I'm in my fifth year at BSU).I'm originally from Duluth, Minnesota, and the oldest of four. I've been in a long-distance relationship for four years.

My goal for my last semester here (besides to pass my classes) is to workout at least four or five times a week and watch what I eat, and to make it a habit. ++it's already not working out++

Contact me at

====Hobbies and Interests====
- Writing (obviously)
1. Fiction
2. Poetry
3. The occasional news-like article
- Reading
- VideoGames
- Drawing
- Biking
====Favorite Music====
- Kongos
- Mashups
- Video game soundtracks
- Rizzle Kicks
- Ch1And2NotesMJP
- TextualizedRhetSitInATweetMJP
- BSUHomepageAsArgumentMJP
- PresentationalEnthymemesAndTheBSUHomepageMJP
- PresentationalEnthymemesAndInequalityMJP
- NotesOnChapter5MJP
- CataloguingGifsMJP
- StyleInAMicromessageMJP
- Ch8NotesMJP
- Ch7NotesMJP
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