On the paper are two pages of a product insert. On page one the product is introduced. Moleskine Legendary Notebooks.
Below the name of the product is a list of adjectives. Culture, imagination, memory, travel and personal identity. Paragraph one on page one contains 34 words explaining what Moleskine notebooks are and what they may be used for.
Below paragraph one the company website is listed.
Below the website is another paragraph. It is labeled Quality Control. There are five sentences, 56 words. This paragraph explains that each Moleskin notebook is handmade and given an identification number. It suggests visiting the website if the quality of the notebook is defected somehow. This paragraph contains simple sentences. Ex: " You will find your notebook identification number in the back pocket. Keep it safe".
Page two is made up of four paragraphs. Paragraph one has three sentences and 120 words. It contains declarative sentences. Ex: "The Moleskine notebook is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries.." Paragraph one on page two lists a brief history of the Moleskine notebook.
Paragraph two on page two contains five sentences and 115 words. This paragraph is made up of compound and declarative sentences. Ex: " The notebook was Bruce Chatwin's favorite and it was he who called it "moleskine" and Chatwin set about buying up all the notebooks that he could find before his departure for Australia , but they were still not enough".
paragraph three contains three sentences and 71 words. It contains compound and complex sentences. Sentence one is compound and sentence two is declarative. Sentence three of paragraph three might be declarative.
Paragraph four has five sentences and 115 words. Sentence one seems to be a declarative one, as well as sentence two. The paragraph is talking about the symbolic importance of the moleskine notebook.
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