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One of the main goals of the text is to tell about the history of Moleskine notebooks and connect it to the present. They talk about how the current Moleskine notebook is the "heir and successor" to the ones used by creatives types in the past. In the final paragraph they are trying to cement the Moleskine notebook as a companion to modern technology, and this image definitely represents that relationship.

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The text is very clear about its audience. They are looking to create a community among creative types like the ones they mention. None of the famous people they refer to are mathematicians -- they are artists and writers. In fact, nothing in the realm of math or science is mentioned anywhere in the text. Moleskine does make notebooks with graph paper, but they are not pushing that particular notebook in the text we are working with. Perhaps they have a separate foldout in that line of notebooks that attempts to solidify Moleskine's prowess in the math community?
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