Moleskine Images


I feel that this image is stylistically similar to the text. It is Epideictic because it resembles an element of historical reference. We can tell that the images are old and so is the scripture written in the moleskine notebook. I see pathos in this image because the images and text seem to read like an intimate diary so they appeal to the readers emotion. I also see the use of logos here cause the stamps in the notebook seam to cause reason to believe that is a travel log of some sort, or travel journal. It is much like the text in the fact that it does all three of these things and mainly gives historical value and credability. This seems to be a metonym because it presents a logical relationship of traveling and history through the images and the text.


I feel that this image competes with the Moleskine Notebook txt. First of all it is very simple and I would say is not Epideictic. I actually don't even know what kind of style you would consider this. I see pathos in the fact that there is small people and a large person in each picture so we see emotion in the sence that is is probably a parent and child illustrated. I am then using Logos to find reasoning in the fact that it is supposed to be a family. But I can't determine these things cause I don't know what the images actually are of. This could be a form of allegory as I see the trees, stars and the sun, so it could be telling a story. But again I am not sure.
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