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=====MichelleThooft's Wiki Name Page=====

I'm a second year graduate student and graduate assistant at BSU. I teach Comp in the fall and Argument & Exposition in the Spring. Love. I love it. All of it. Teaching, learning, being challenged, even the occasional meltdown brought on by wondering if I will ever get it all done.

===Stuff I Like to Do Besides School===

- hang out with my husband (of 25 years)
- hang out with my kids (26, 24, 23, 20, 13) The boyfriends/wife are pretty cool too. Oldest, Ian and Chaley and baby Oliver, are in the cities. Can't figure out how to get a picture from Instagram on here! So here's the rest:
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- hang out with friends discussing all aspects of life, often accompanied by wine
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(No I don't make my own wine, but wine made me think of grapes and we have lots of grapes, so--)
- garden. Too much garden. (See above note about grapes)
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- write. I'm working on a creative thesis for my MA.
- cook. I really love cooking-- it's an art. Or health initiative. Or comfort. Something.
- music. I sing, and I love jazz/swing. This one is on the back burner.
- quilt. I put this away during school too, but finished one this summer!
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=====What I Just Learned=====
- I just learned that if you upload a picture to Facebook so you can post it here, then delete the picture from said Facebook, it will be deleted from here too. FYI. Re-load, re-post, and don't delete!
- HAHA! I figured out the picture thing. Every little space messes things up. So I copied the width="320px" and pasted it into my other image links, and the pictures are much better. Cleaning up from there was easy as getting rid of un-needed bullets and adding spaces.

====Some of My Favorite Stuff====

- [[| Crazy awesome nail-biting current addiction]]
- [[| LOVE this book]]
- [[|Dang this Woman can Sing]]
- [[|one of my heroines]]
- [[| I love this guy. Except for the mob stuff, but no one is perfect]]


- [[|In case you ever wonder]]

===Assignments & Exercises===

- ChapterOneandTwoMKT
- ChapterOneMKT
- WhatMakesThisRhetoricalMKT
- TexualizedRhetSitInATweetMKT
- BSUHomepageAsArgumentMKT
- PresentationalEnthymemesAndTheHomePageMKT
- PresentationalEnthymemesInInequalityMKT
- StyleNotesMKT
- TropesSchemesAndFiguresOfThoughtOhMyMKT
- CataloguingGifsMKT
- StyleInAMicromessageMKT
- PathosPresentationMKT

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