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Year: 2008
Blog: Mexico City


The blog is an opinionated guide to Mexican culture.
It is composed in a liberal perspective to attract readers to visit Mexico City.
The entries are educational and incorporate history, culture, language, art, music, and politics.
The blogger gives insight where to go, where not to go, what to do, and what not to do while in Mexico.
The blogger guides the reader within his entries with his personal experiences.


The posts are broken into 4 to 6 paragraphs.
The length of the entries are between 100 and 400 words and repeat by trading off in length.
The blogger provides detailed images.
There are some posts that do not provide an image.
The blogger composes his posts based on his experience in Mexico.
The blogger writes about Mexico's culture.
The blog is not designed to sway readers one way or the other.
Links are embedded within the postings.

The blog advertises the blogger's book: Mexico City (An opinionated guide for the curious traveler) along the right hand side of the page.
A link is listed above it.
The link directs the reader to another page that provides more information about the book.
The blogger's picture, biography, posts and comments are listed below the advertisement of the book.
A list of previous postings is given along the right hand side of the page.

The postings are in black font with bold titles placed on a white box.
The background is gray with a blue banner for the blog title.
An explanation of the blog is given below the title.
The letters are light blue.
The blogger's email address is provided.


- The content is epideictic.

- There aren't any similes or metaphors present within the context.
- Personification is not present within the context of the blog entries.
- Alliteration is also not present.

- The photograph from the entry post on Thursday, August 21, 2008 is an antithesis to the context the blogger is discussing in the entry.

- The context of the words “the most liberal city in Latin America” is ironic.
- The photograph of the man AT THE CATHEDRAL is an irony and an anomaly.

- The colors in the photo of the man in AT THE CATHEDRAL are black, gray, and white, a contrast from the other pictures on the blog that have some brighter colors such as red, green, or blue.
- The two paintings in A MEXICAN ARTIST YOU SHOULD KNOW are an anomaly.
- The entry "QUE BONITO ES..." is an anomaly.


- The colors of the flag are repeated twice in a row within two entries -- the first from THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2008 (THROWING YOUR HOUSE OUT THE WINDOW) and the second from WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2008 (TURN LEFT AT MEXICO CITY).
- Repetition is most visible within the use of photography (entries with an image, entries without, etc.

- The blogger sequences his entries by providing an even amount of entries with pictures and without pictures.
- The sequencing of TLATELOLCO is similar to that of a speech (what you hear first and last).

- The blogger omits strong personal opinions within the entries.

- The reference in the phrase "government soldiers shot at unarmed students" establishes a relationship between the entry TURN LEFT AT MEXICO CITY and the entry TLATELOLCO.

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