Meghan Kelli Bittner

 (image: I am a young, spirited, and independent twenty - two year old woman from Northeastern Minnesota. Well, maybe not originally. I was born in Little Canada, Minnesota, but my family moved to rural Minnesota once I reached school age.

Currently, I am residing in Bemidji, Minnesota and attend the university. Last spring, I received my Associate of Arts degree at the community college in Hibbing and transfered to Bemidji State to pursue a degree in Creative and Professional Writing. Ideally, I hope to become a public relations specialist or take on any career within the public relations field. I am also a proud member of Delta Theta Kappa, a local sorority, and hold chairs in both fundraising and public relations. It is an amazing organization to be apart of and the members are some of the best friends you could hope to have. They will stay with you for life.

In my spare time, I prefer to write whatever my muse inspires me to compose. I suppose that is why I'm majoring in English. Though writing is my passion, my love is the stage. I used to be a vocalist and recording artist when I was a teen and often would compete in international competitions. At 19 years of age, I received an invitation to audition for a 500 member choir that would perform at Carnegie Hall and instantly took up the offer. I, along with about 8 others from Minnesota, made the audition. Honestly, it was a dream come true and a content level of success. Shortly after, I quit singing to focus on my degree. Here I am, sitting at a computer typing these words today. This is a brief description of who I am and what I am about. It would take a book to finish, but life is never really finished.

My Favorite Foods

Thurs. 3/19/09
- Assignment for Next week: read chapter 6
- Last class meeting day will be April 23rd
- We will meet on the FINALS Day (following Wednesday)

Thurs 4/2/09

- Assignment Persuasive Technology (read intro/Chap. 1)
- Weblogs are designed to make you "CLICK"
- FINAL is Weds. May 6th 3:30 PM (LAST CLASS MEETING) will present & have donuts, chocolate, etc

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