Where to start. My name is Matthew Adams, Matt works just fine. I am a English G.A. on my second year. Before this I completed a degree in social studies, with a license to teach secondary social studies, as well as a history degree. So with that being said, much of the information I come across in the English department is familiar at best and often, shall we say, fresh. I have to admit that technologically speaking, this course will be bringing a completely new set of information to my life, which was the main reason why I signed up for the journey.

When I am not trying to look up academic journals which I should be reading out of my text book, (thank you BSU book store) I lead a more or less relaxed life. Though I have to note that during the school year, grad courses and teaching composition keeps me extremely busy. Hobbies which I do enjoy include brewing beer and getting outdoors. I have had quite a bit of fun with this little hobby up to this point. The amount of variations and just interesting stuff you can add to beer constantly surprises me. Usually I make a stout or something that cannot be look through, but I have been known to toss out an orange flavored India Pale Ale from time to time. Once the leaves start falling my second job is to get out in the woods and harvest some tasty animals, humanely of course. Grouse season and the start of bow season keep me in the woods for the mornings and afternoons, if there is time of course. Over the years I have worked out a pretty stealthy process to put away textbooks while a deer munches on some goodies fifteen yards away, to be honest it has backfired multiple times. Well, I am looking forward to a fun semester, see everyone tomorrow.

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