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  1. First, the Blogger is not a single person, but each individual post can be done by different bloggers
  1. It appears as though, one blogger will cover one subject like for instance, Jenna Busch is covering everything about the new Star Wars movie sequels, and Katrina Hill is covering the new show Revolution.
  1. Valerie Messer does Movie Madness Posts
  1. This Blog is set up to get people watching upcoming shows or movies, its not self promoting its promoting of others.
  1. Links are used to give more information on shows being reported on.

Blogger Comparisons


  1. The most obvious observation is noticing that every article despite who the writer is provides a Facebook link to the topic
  1. Second is that every article also gives the ability to "Retweet", "Like" or "Recommend" with Twitter, Facebook, and Goggle respectively.
  1. Katrina Hill's post are always provided with links to every show as well as links to previous posts if she has any related to that particular post.
  1. With all the posts being about shows, I have not seen any linking to credible sites like IMDB or Wikipedia, only to Facebook, or online news articles.
  1. There is no real obvious uses of flout in Katrina's or Jenna's posts. Katrina Hill is really snarky about her opinions of shows like Arrow, and he feelings of actors/actresses in upcoming or potential upcoming movies.
  1. This is professional done, while still allowing for opinion.
  1. Flout is not really necessary in the purpose and need of the blog to get there job done.
  1. I noticed the only outside news source was Entertainment Weekly.
  1. Other than their one news source, the links are to the show or movie Facebook page.
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