!!! links in blogging
Some bloggers argue that the link is the essence of blogging. If a blogger doesn't link, she's not blogging.

And of course the use of links is situated.

As discussed in Links
->'Links are associative' - as differentiated from sequential or hierarchical. They associate this with that. But associative doesn't mean arbitrary. 'The link is purposeful' - and readers will look for a connection between the two ends of the link. The association might be public or more idiosyncratic. If too idiosyncratic, the link risks seeming a non sequitur.

-> In the context of the Web, ... any two things can be linked, even a raven and a writing desk, and with that link, instantaneously, a process of semic movement begins; the connection becomes part of a public space, a community of discourse, which, as others find and follow that link, creates a new avenue of association - beginning tropically or ironically, perhaps, but gradually taking its own path of development and normalization. (Burbules, Rhetorics of the Web)

!!! Techniques in linking
Here are some ways we've seen writers use links in blogs. Adapted from Hammerch, pp 185 ff, chart on p 186.

* Pointing: "Hey! Look at this!" The link sends the reader to the object of attention. It may be an interesting site, page, idea, image. 'The rhetor gives little or no comment', and so the visitor is invited to establish the relationship between the elements.

* Commenting: the link 'target' provides (more or less silent) comment on the local content. May be stated opinion, another page, image, video, sound. The relationship in "comment" may be metaphorical.
* Commenting: the link 'text' can be a (more or less silent) commentary on the subject. The linktext Walmart might link to the Walmart site, or to a critical essay on Walmart.

* Link target provides an example
* Link target is used as a source: referencing/citing/authenticating
* Link target establishes context for the post: zooming out
* Link target enhances or amplifies the post: adds information by adding detail, like zooming in
* Link target annotates a part of the post: gives a brief expanation or comment, definition. Think footnote.

* The link sets elements in opposition or contrast.
* The link sets elements in metaphorical or other tropical relationship: metonymy, synecdoche, hyperbole, catechresis. BurbulesHandlistOfLinks

'Typically images'
* Link target illustrates the text: The image serves as a pictorial representation of ideas in the text. Think diagram or images of items in a catalog. Linking to other sites might illustrate.
* Link target illuminates the text: The image complicates, comments on, develops ideas of the text further. Think illustrated manuscripts, Dick and Jane books. Linking to other sites might illuminate.

* ...

There are others. Locate them.


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