Landing Page Description Exercise

An exercise in method and description
see also SomeTechniquesForObserving

How to proceed

Start a new page on your wikiname page: LandingPageDescription - followed by your initials.

Create two headings in your page, like this: Under the Notes heading, take notes on what you observe. Don't jump straight into drafting paragraphs or even necessarily using sentences. Start by recording notes - a list of observations, brief descriptions - that you later refine into a prose description. Use lists or fragments: up to you.

To repeat in case you missed it: Description uses neutral, non-evaluatve language, is fair, methodical, complete, and describes both the artifact and its contexts.

Under the Description heading, draw on your notes to draft two paragraphs. In one, describe the page. In a second describe the rhetorical situation and context. You'll need to characterize describe the visual sense of the page overall, the main text on the page, secondary text, and any images on the page. You will need to follow links to see what's on the other end, but you don't need to describe those pages.

Use this page: The BSU CEESSES Landing page, and take notes towards developing a 300 - 500 word description of this page, concluding with a two paragraphs, one characterizing describing the message, and another its context.

Keep your text and guides near you

For notes on being methodical, what to look for, what to focus on, what to describe, refer to SomeTechniquesForObserving and the Longaker text, chap 2.

While you might have to explore the site a little in order to take notes on and get a sense of some of the elements I'm asking you to describe, focus your 300 - 500 word final description on this home page.

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