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Hello, my name is Katy Gehrke. I am a junior here at Bemidji State University, majoring in Creative and Professional Writing. I grew up close by in Cass Lake, Minnesota. Upon graduation I hope to find a job in a professional writing field, possibly grant writing or editing. I also enjoy creative writing for a hobby as well. I like to read and write poetry. I love to read novels, and have experimented and taken classes on writing fiction. I hope that one day I will be not only be inspired but also talented enough to write a novel.

My fiance Matt and I just bought a puppy. She is an ill tempered yet high spirited Lhasa Apso that likes to chew up all of the paper in our house. Hopefully she does not get a hold of any of my homework for this class. Matt is getting ready to take his test to become an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. He wishes to work on an army base in Japan after obtaining his license. Who knows, maybe there is also a market for writers in Japan.
Matt and I are getting married this summer at the Walker Community Church, which I attended as a child. We had planned to honey moon in Greece, where some of his aunts, uncles, and cousins still live, but that idea proved to be more expensive than we had imagined. So between taking classes at BSU and working part time as a cashier at Walmart, hopefully I can plan a nice but still affordable wedding during this "recession" we are currently living in.



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