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Hello! I am a high school English teacher at Frazee Vergas High School. The graduate degree I'm pursuing is the Master of Arts in Teaching. We are experiencing the implementation of technology in our classrooms and I am passionate about improving my skills in anything related to technology. This is my first time using/creating a Wiki and I'm quite nervous about doing things incorrectly. I received my undergraduate degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead in Creative Arts and Literature. I have taught one whole year and decided to pursue my graduate degree after deciding that I would rather do it before I forget how to be a student.

I am also a volleyball coach for our Frazee Hornets B and C team and I advise our FACT (Frazee Arts and Cultural Travelers) group that travels together for rich cultural experience in New York City every two years. I have four new preps this year to prepare for, including guiding students in how to create the yearbook for our school. I have found myself becoming more interested in the designing of curriculum side of my degree and not so much attracted to my content area anymore. I love to read a good novel, don't get me wrong,and I am passionate about my subject, but I am also interested in technology, social studies, and I am not horrible at math. All subjects interest me, so I feel as if I could teach more than one if I had the time and money to go to school to do so.

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