Jon Nguyen


I am twenty-four years old and I share a room with a demented cat. Due to my penchant for procrastination and a few run-ins with the law and chronic substance abuse, I am still working on the same BFA in Creative and Professional Writing that I started as an eighteen year-old freshman. I would like to preemptively apologize for offending you. It will be a likely scenario should you choose to read anything I write. Lot of four letter words and related adjectives. While I try to present myself in a civil manner in formal settings, once familiar with an environment I tend to deviate into something... else.


I've worked at the same gas station for the last four years. Something to do with the fact that I'm a chronic underachiever.


I love to cook and I love stuffing my face. I tend to sway more towards Italian cuisine but nothing beats my mother's Vietnamese cooking. Alas I do not have access to the crystallized MSG that mother liberally infuses her cooking with so my attempts to recreate her dishes fall woefully short of flavor.


Waiting for her to die. Not trying to push her along or anything, but seriously. Any day now.


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