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After having discussion in class with Morgan about if this would work the question that really bothered me was whether or not I could even tell if this was being recirculated. Since I'm very not familiar with twitter anyway I had no idea if I could look at posts that are not made by me. But what follows below is the proof that I can find out if something is being re-tweeted. All you have to do is click on the tweet itself and it will expand and show you how many re-tweets there were and who replied to the post as well. The access to this information may just be the thing I needed that will allow me to do my finial project on the youtube shows! Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters forever!!!

Jane Eyre ‏@eyrequotes 22 Oct
@Pilotsthoughts I miss her too.
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Aliznat. ‏@timetravelmagic 22 Oct
@eyrequotes @Pilotsthoughts *points this at @AdeleCRochester*
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S.L. ‏@minion_tale 22 Oct
@eyrequotes @Pilotsthoughts Jaaaaaaaane!
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Sierra ‏@sierrASAnator 22 Oct
@eyrequotes @Pilotsthoughts That's it?
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Samantha Davis ‏@samdavis357 22 Oct
@eyrequotes Do you only miss Adele? No one else?
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biancaAaA ‏@semumnomebom 24 Oct
@eyrequotes @Pilotsthoughts AI VC É RUDE
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One of the other things That I have found with the other character Emma is, because her job in the show is a life style counselor, she posts a lot about self help topic and fashion advice ( this also gives us an incite to the character and what she really deems important).
Many people also interested in these things completely unrelated to the show may be drawn in as well and they have generated new interest in the show. The link that I posted is to her tumblr page.

The company that produces The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved is called Pemberley Digital. "An innovative web video production company that specializes in the adaptation of classic works onto the new media format. The company utilizes not only YouTube but other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, LOOKBOOK, and others to tell and enriched and immersive story that transcends across multiple formats."

Award-Winning Series

Pemberley Digital’s most notable project is the Emmy® Award-winning interactive adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. The series also received the 2012 TV.com award for Best Web Series as well as the IAWTV and Streamy awards for Best Interactive Series. Its recent Kickstarter campaign raised over $462,000, with 771% funded and ending $400,000 over it’s initial $60,000 goal, pre-selling over 5,800 DVDs.

In Emma Approved they use tweets. Ryan Weston good example


Results for #BadlyDoneEmma

Anastasia Berrier ‏@UCantTaketheSky 3h
I know it gets better, but today's episode of #EmmaApproved breaks my heart. #BadlyDoneEmma

emily rose ‏@emmyx 3h
i just have one question, WHERE WAS KNIGHTLEY TO STOP EMMA FROM BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP?! #EmmaApproved #BadlyDoneEmma

emily rose ‏@emmyx 3h
Emma: You'll thank yourself one day Harriet: just not today ...she didn't want to do it & you let her grr anger anger! #BadlyDoneEmma

Hannah Nelson ‏@hellokitty491 4h
Why world!!??? #BadlyDoneEmma #EmmaApproved

Joreen Belocura ‏@AgeofIrony 4h
#BadlyDoneEmma #EmmaApproved

Hannah Therese ‏@hannahtm 5h
I feel like @AlexKnightleyEA will say #BadlyDoneEmma before the end. He has to. ...right?

LBDCC ‏@LBDCareCenter 5h
LET'S DO IT ! RT @AgeofIrony: Let's get #BadlyDoneEmma trending! #EmmaApproved
Followed by LizzieBennetDiaries

Stephanie Siu ‏@stephsiu 5h
But whilst I'm roasting on a train that's 500m away from its destination, the #BadlyDoneEmma hashtag is making me laugh! #choosehappiness

Caroline Prince ‏@CarolPrince82 7h
NOW is the time to say, "Emma, you wrote her answer didn't you??" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqccX8XLmMI … #EmmaApproved #BadlyDoneEmma #LeaveHarrietAlone

Amy ‏@DoodleBaker 18 Nov
Also, Emma couldn't have waited to call Annie and ask Ryan to send that tweet til they got home from their honeymoon?? #BadlyDoneEmma

Caroline Prince ‏@CarolPrince82 18 Nov
And so it begins... #BadlyDoneEmma #BadlyDone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4PPsFP-kno

New York Events ‏@NY_Now 27 Aug
Rehearsal at Lantern: http://sch.mp/a0LAS - RT @LaurenSowa First rehearsal for EMMA! #ilovemyjob #badlydoneemma @ Lantern Theater Comp...

Josephine Maria ‏@Rella_Robinson 15 Jan
Being ill, it was only a matter of time before an Austen adaptation was being viewed. So to Emma I turn. Oh, Mr Knightly. #badlydoneEmma

Violetta Bellocchio ‏@violetta_b 28 Dec
The "angry lesbian bloggers" dig made me drop all my monocles, even though I kinda expected something like that to happen. #badlydoneemma

SoosheBot ‏@SoosheBot 11 Jan 12
I was going for sarcastic and funny, but came off sounding like a gigantor condescending jerkface. Not on purpose, either!

A reason Emma Approved does not have a home page and AoJE does is character difference. Jane is not the sort of person to spend all her time on twitter and Emma needs to be for her job.

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